Decorative Door Knob Covers Styles And Designs

The concept of a door knob cover emerged when the parents become more and more busy and eventually become unable to pay full attention at their children. Due to this the child was exposed to many kinds of dangers lying in different parts of house, like room shaving staircase or garage full with chemicals and tools. To prevent the children from roaming around and to keep them in their room these decorative door knob covers are developed. This shields the knob and thereby prevents it from opening, by this way the kid will not be able to open the door and roam out.

Once you apply them on all the doors then you are free to work in kitchen or other place. These are very easy to apply and difficult for children to remove. Even though it guards the safety but it can spoil the beauty of your door or room and that is why the concept of decorative door knob covers emerged. These are made of wide range of materials and lots of designs are available in them. You can keep same decorative door knob covers for every room or can match with the color of the door or room.

Generally the color of the cover is matched with the color of door as it enhances the beauty of door like for brass color door rubber or other material decorative door knob covers are suitable. If you select bright colors and patterns then your child can play with them hence choose the color and other aspects wisely. Along with door color you can also select the one matching to your kick plate or the room color to enhance the effect. These decorative door knob covers are generally made with cloth like material which is soft to touch and washable if needed. It does not affect the rotation of the knob for you but it definitely hinders the children to go out as it become difficult for them to rotate it with cover.

Along with little members it can also help people suffering from arthritis or other physical disabilities. For this purpose you can select decorative door knob covers made from tough materials like latex or rubber. You can match it up by adding other accessories as door knob hangers which are easily available in markets. Same color for both of them will definitely enhance the beauty of door by manifold so it’s useful plus helpful for you.

If you are creative enough you can make one decorative door knob covers by yourself as it’s quite easy to make. Then you can add different creative elements according to your choice to make it more decorative. You can search the procedure online as well as order the material online too. This will be more economical then purchasing ready made but even readymade are nowadays easy on your pockets as a regular decorative door knob covers can cost you 1- 5 dollars and if you select them out of cheap material like rubber then it will be more economical.

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